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Welcome to Zero G Deals!

Zero G Deals is a Loyalty & Mobile Marketing Service Provider, owned and operated out of Orange County, NY.  We help businesses, small and large, communicate with their customers in real time, through their mobile phones.  Our service is designed to help businesses engage their customers in order to increase loyalty, repeat business and word of mouth (or forwarded text) referrals.

80% of your business comes from 20% of your what are you doing to get those customers in more often?  Our system is designed to help you reach your customers any time and place.......via text.  Send them a "VIP only" deal or an update on your weekend entertainment!  Reward them well and we are confident you will benefit in the end!

Our digital loyalty program is so user friendly your customers will love it!  No need for them to remember a punch card, they just enter their mobile number on our loyalty kiosk and their check-in is registered!

Quit spending money on advertising that doesn't work. Let us show you measurable results - call us today to learn more  800-930-9366!

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